Currently our Missions Team is divided into two teams so that each team can focus on a certain aspect of missions.

Global Missions Team
Our Global Missions Team is focused on our partnerships with our missionaries that serve here in Rock Hill or around the world. They ensure we are praying for and caring for our missionaries and we are communicating well with one another. The team also schedules regular interviews with our missionaries so that the congregation can stay informed with the ministy work of all our missionaries.

Local Missions Team
Our Local Missions Team is focused on reaching out into the community to share the love of Christ with those that do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior. The team does this through a variety of events hosted at our church or while working alongside our ministries partners such as the Hope Center, Palmetto Womens Center, United International Ministries and others.

Children's Ministry

The future of the Church is in our children. At Hope Fellowship we have a passion for people, and this begins with loving and training our children well in the Lord.

We truly believe kids are a special blessing from God and should be treated as our highest treasure. We want children to begin to have a sense of awe and amazement of Christ’s love expressed in the Gospel. As they experience and see their church family and parents living passionately for and like Jesus, we want children to experience the joy and love of knowing Jesus.

We seek to partner with families as they raise their children in this challenging world. We believe that parents are the primary people God has designed to model and teach their children in the Lord and as a Church family, we seek to support, equip, and challenge families in this incredibly high calling!

Youth Ministry

Our passion for people is expressed in how we seek to minister to students as well. More than planning games, events, and programs, we seek to disciple students through authentic relationships.

We want every student to be truly known, loved and held accountable by at least one adult leader who loves Jesus. We seek to partner with families and believe what students observe at home has a tremendous impact on their walk with Christ as well.

More than following rules or being “successful” in the world’s eyes, we want students to experience God’s grace and love. We want them to be transparent and learn how to struggle well through life’s challenges as they seek to become more like Christ through their failures and their successes.

We also want students to begin to understand God’s mission in this world and how they are called to participate in God’s redemptive work even as students.

Community Groups


Key elements in each group

Currently we are meeting at the church from 6:00-7:30 pm and studying the book of Mark. New Community Groups will begin will begin in March.