About Us


What is the goal of our children's ministry?

We lead children into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by partnering with families to create environments in which children are protected, taught, loved, and inspired.

What does Ministry to Children Look Like at Hope Fellowship?

It starts with the joy of our people in children. We are quite simply a children-loving church. We have a multi-ethnic, adoption-loving, foster-care supporting, pro-life culture.

How are children taken care of during the worship service?

We encourage all children to sit with their parents or guardians thought the early part of our worship service. We want them to experience and hear their parents worshiping the Lord in song and hearing our elders pray and the congregation confess their sins. It is an important modeling and spiritually significant moment in their young lives. The next thing that happens is that all children under middle-school age are taken by their teachers to their classrooms. Once there they are engaged in teaching, crafts, and prayer appropriate to their age that shows them the glory of the gospel.


What does worship look like at Hope Fellowship?

Worship at Hope Fellowship is all about Jesus. We are committed to exalting Christ in everything we do. It is generally contemporary in flavor with a mix of hymns, prayer, and confession and is always saturated with Scripture.

What Will I Experience?

That is largely up to you. If your heart is open and honest before God, you will find an opportunity to draw near to the throne of grace. Our people are loving but flawed. We are all at different stages in our journey with Christ but we are committed to "learning how to live passionately for and like Jesus."

What time is your worship service?

Our current worship service is at 10:45 AM and rarely goes past noon.

What is the "Style" of Preaching?

Our pastors and elders are committed to expositional teaching and generally work through books of the Bible.​


What does youth ministry look like at Hope Fellowship?

Inside Out Student Ministry exists to make followers of Jesus Christ who love God wholeheartedly, themselves authentically and others selflessly.

Our vision is to disciple the next generation of Christ followers. We hope to teach, encourage, and inspire our students to make Jesus the true Lord of their lives, passionately seeking to live for and like Him.

The heart of our ministry is our small groups. We have different small groups for students each week for them to build relationships with other students and adults who love Jesus.

We also have a student service team, which allows students who have professed faith in Christ an opportunity to grow in their faith through serving others. Students meet regularly with adult leaders to plan events and offer support during Inside Out.

When Does Inside Out Meet?

Weekly Meetings
(Combined Middle School and High School): Sunday nights @ the church - 6:00 to 8:00 pm:

Special Events:
High School Retreat, Middle School Retreat, Family Thanksgiving Feast, Student Service Projects, End of the Year Lock-In, Summer Missions Camp, and Summer Bible Studies.

Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mc3insideout/

Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/insideout.studentministry/


How do I get connected to a home-group?

Let us know of your desire on a connection card from the seat-back in front of you on Sunday morning. Simply write "Home Group" on the upper right corner and we will contact you and try to hook you up.

Another way would be to go to the PASSION FOR PEOPLE wall in our lobby and look up the locations of our current home-groups and contact the leader directly about joining the small group that you would like to be a part of.