"Go into all the world and make disciples ..." (Matthew 28:19)

Our Vision
Every Person Loved

People are more important than the machinery of a church and its programs. Jesus told us to make disciples not plug them into our needs. So at Hope Fellowship, we are committed to making sure that every member has an equal opportunity to be loved and engaged with the process of becoming a disciple. ​

Our Vision is that all who come would be loved and challenged to "go deep" with Jesus. We are convinced that the life that flourishes is a life that is lived for the glory of God. When we live passionately for and like Christ God is glorified and we are most satisfied.

Our Process
Every Person Discipled

We don't believe that discipleship is for only a few. We believe that all of us who name the name of Christ are called to a process of "growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ" (2 Peter 3:18).

Our process is known around the church as "the four circles." And each "circle" has a name. ​

Our Hope
Every Person Multiplying

Our hope and aim is that every person in our church would multiply their life into the life of another.

We are all unique. We all will go about making our mark in the world in creative and remarkable ways and what we want to do is help every disciple of Jesus become maximally effective in making their mark for "His Kingdom and His righteousness" (Matthew 6:33).

Our Goal
Every Person Faithful to Christ

With all our heart our one goal is to be found faithful to Jesus. We love Him and want to train our hearts to love Him more.